8 oz Silver Tin Soy Candles -12 Pack

8 oz Silver Tin Soy Candles -12 Pack

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8 oz Silver Tin Soy Candles -12 Pack

With 8 oz of natural soy wax and no labels, these 12-pack tins of retail-ready candles provide an aesthetically pleasing, clean display. The metal tins provide a robust, safe burn, perfect for any setting. Experience a gentle, fragrant scent and an even wax pool with each use.

Our Soy Candles:

♥ 100% All Natural Soy Wax
♥ 100% Lead Free, Cotton Wick - Double wicked
♥ Essential Oil Infused, Fragrances
♥ Vegan, Cruelty Free
♥ 7 oz net weight of soy wax
♥ 40 Hour Burn Time
♥ 8 oz Metal Tin (Measures 2” H x 3.25” W) - Label area is 1.25" tall for the side and 2.75" max for a round label on the top/lid


1. Select your labels:

-No Labels - You will receive candles without labels

-Heavenly Scents Labels - You will receive candles with our labels on them

-Private Labels - You will send us your logo/information and we will label the candles for you with your information on them

2. You will receive 2 scents with each pack of 12. Just select which scent you want in the drop down option. If you want all 12 to be the same scent, then select both options to be the same. If you need more than 12, then choose your 2 scents, and add to the cart. Then do the same process again for the next set of scents you would like and then add them to the cart.


You can find our List of Fragrances here (opens in a new tab)


8 oz Silver Tin Soy Candles -12 Pack

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