Our List of Fragrances (updated 6-30-23)

List of Fragrances (updated 8-30-23):

** We have updated some of the fragrances. They are as follows:

Lavender - Updated this fragrance to where the fragrance notes reflect the 4042 Lavender Essential oil. This will make the fragrance smell more like the essential oil instead of the clean, floral, soapy type scent we were using.

Lavender Vanilla - Lavender portion updated as above and the vanilla notes will be a little more vanilla/sugar.

Creme Brulee - much more of a buttery, custard scent and a little less sugar.

List of Fragrances:

Apple Pumpkin - Fresh harvested apples and pumpkin, with vanilla and spices
Christmas Eve - Fir, Cinnamon, Sandalwood, Apple and Cedar
Christmas Tree - Freshly cut Christmas trees
Pumpkin Creme Brulee - Blend of pumpkin, vanilla, and spices
Pumpkin Spice - The Pumpkin and Spice blend everyone expects this time of year
Spiced Cranberry - Tart cranberries with some fall spices

Apple Cider - Fresh apples. cinnamon, and sugar
Autumn Walk - This blend of grapes, lavender, green citrus, sweet jasmine, rose and lilly, and a vanilla and oakmoss base is sure to enlighten your senses
Black Raspberry Vanilla - Raspberries, strawberries, peach and vanilla
Blueberry Cobbler - Fresh blueberries, tart cherries and graham cracker crust
Blood Orange - A true orange scent with a light musk note
Cafe Mocha - Coffee, chocolate, and vanilla cream
Cinnamon Apple Skillet - Warm apples, cooked with cinnamon, cloves, lemon and brandy
Cinnamon Sugar - Strong cinnamon with a little sweetness
Citrus Blast - Orange, Lemon, Lime with a base of vanilla and light sweet patchouli
Clean Cotton - Mountain air, tangy lemon, cotton blossoms, jasmine, sandalwood
Coconut Woods - Coconut, citrus, vanilla on a  woodsy base
Cranberry Oakmoss - Tangy cranberries with a woodsy, oakmoss base
Creme Brulee - Sweet, Buttery, Vanilla scent
Dark Chocolate - Rich, chocolate type scent with a touch of vanilla
Donut Shop -Strong notes of fresh dough with a touch of sugar and cinnamon
Fresh Cut Roses - Floral aroma of Roses freshly cut from the garden
Fruitloops - Lemon, Lime, Orange fruity blend that smells identical to the cereal
Green Apple - Fruity notes of fresh green apple atop grape, pear, and a very light, musky base
Island Mango Coconut - Fruity notes of Mango and tropical notes of coconut
Island Vibes - Tropical blend of pineapple, apple, banana and vanilla
Kudzu Blossom - Fruity blend of grapes, strawberries, vanilla and musk
Lavender - True lavender scent, like the 4042 essential oil
Lavender Mint - Spa type blend of lavender and peppermint
Lavender Orange - Calming Lavender and fresh oranges make this combination perfect for clearing the mind
Lavender Vanilla - Lavender and vanilla
Leather - True masculine scent of a leather jacket
Library - Old leather bound books, 1st edition printed paper, on mahogany shelves
Mahogany Teakwood - Green Citrus, sweet jasmine, rose and lilly, and a woodsy base.
Minty Rose - Fresh cut bouquet of roses with a base note of mint.
Morning Brew - Coffee shop aroma of strong coffee, hints of vanilla, and hazelnut.
Mountain Rain - Fresh Rain, Oakmoss notes, with hints of lavender and rose.
Oak Moss & Amber - Musky, woodsy scent
Ocean Driftwood - Ocean breeze, tropical fruit, sea salt on a woodsy base
Orange Creamsicle - Orange and sweet vanilla
Orange Spice - Orange, cloves, cinnamon, spices and vanilla
Pampas and Vetiver - Masculine scent with spiced patchouli, hay, tobacco, cedar and light bergamot
Paradise - Strawberries, wild berries, and vanilla cream
Patchouli - Woody aroma of patchouli leaves and a musky base
Peppermint - Energizing and awakening scent of fresh peppermint
Rustic Lodge - Smells of the woods, sage, lavender, and a little jasmine.
Salt Life - Clean, aromatherapy, ocean type scent with hints of lilly and mango notes
Sandalwood - woody, Earthy aroma of sandalwood and a slight sweetness of balsam
Sandalwood Lime - Fresh citrus note of Lime with base notes of Sandalwood and vanilla.
Sandalwood & Rose - Blend of Sandalwood and Fresh Cut Roses (floral)
Spellbound - Feminine scent -blend of exotic spices, vanilla, amber, jasmine, and rose
Strawberry Watermelon - Fresh strawberries, ripe watermelon, and vanilla
Stress Free - Eucalyptus and Spearmint scent - spa type
Sugar Cookie - Vanilla, Sugar, and and just a hint of mixed berry
Tobacco & Caramel - Masculine, subtle cherry tobacco, vanilla, & caramel
Tobacco Leather - Our Tobacco Caramel scent blended with a touch of Leather
Tropical Rainforest - Sweet Citrus, Coconut, and notes of musk and powder
Vanilla & Lime - A subtle citrusy, lime scent blended with vanilla
Waffle Cone - Just like an ice cream shop would smell like: vanilla, cream, sugar, and caramel
Watermelon - Sweet, ripe, red, juicy watermelon

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