Our List of Fragrances (updated 1-05-24)

List of Fragrances (updated 01-05-24):

List of Fragrances:

Apple Cider - Fresh apples. cinnamon, and sugar
Autumn Walk - This blend of grapes, lavender, green citrus, sweet jasmine, rose and lilly, and a vanilla and oakmoss base is sure to enlighten your senses
Black Raspberry Vanilla - Raspberries, strawberries, peach and vanilla
Blueberry Cobbler - Fresh blueberries, tart cherries and graham cracker crust
Blood Orange - A true orange scent with a light musk note
Cafe Mocha - Coffee, chocolate, and vanilla cream
Christmas Tree - Freshly cut Christmas trees
Cinnamon Sugar - Strong cinnamon with a little sweetness
Citrus Blast - Orange, Lemon, Lime with a base of vanilla and light sweet patchouli
Coconut Woods - Coconut, citrus, vanilla on a  woodsy base
Cranberry Oakmoss - Tangy cranberries with a woodsy, oakmoss base
Driftwood - Ocean breeze, tropical fruit, sea salt on a woodsy base
Eucalyptus Spearmint - Spa type scent
Fluffy Towels - Clean type scent like towels fresh from the dryer
Fresh Cut Roses - Floral aroma of Roses freshly cut from the garden
Fruitloops - Lemon, Lime, Orange fruity blend that smells identical to the cereal
Green Apple - Fruity notes of fresh green apple atop grape, pear, and a very light, musky base
Island Mango Coconut - Fruity notes of Mango and tropical notes of coconut
Island Vibes - Tropical blend of pineapple, apple, banana and vanilla
Kudzu - Fruity blend of grapes, strawberries, vanilla and musk
Lavender - True lavender type scent, like the 4042 essential oil
Lavender Orange - Calming Lavender and fresh oranges make this combination perfect for clearing the mind
Lavender Vanilla - Lavender and vanilla
Leather - True masculine scent of a leather jacket
Library - Old leather bound books, 1st edition printed paper, on mahogany shelves
Morning Brew - Coffee shop aroma of strong coffee, hints of vanilla, and hazelnut.
Mountain Rain - Fresh Rain, Oakmoss notes, with hints of lavender and rose.
Oak Moss & Amber - Musky, woodsy scent
Orange Creamsicle - Orange and sweet vanilla
Pampas and Vetiver - Masculine scent with spiced patchouli, hay, tobacco, cedar and light bergamot
Paradise - Strawberries, wild berries, and vanilla cream
Patchouli - Woody aroma of patchouli leaves and a musky base
Pumpkin Spice - The Pumpkin and Spice blend everyone expects during the holidays
Rustic Lodge - Smells of the woods, sage, lavender, and a little jasmine.
Salt Life - Clean, aromatherapy, ocean type scent with hints of lilly and mango notes
Sandalwood - woody, Earthy aroma of sandalwood and a slight sweetness of balsam
Sandalwood Lime - Fresh citrus note of Lime with base notes of Sandalwood and vanilla.
Sandalwood Rose - Blend of Sandalwood and Fresh Cut Roses (floral)
Spellbound Type (trademark of Estee Lauder) - Feminine scent -blend of exotic spices, vanilla, amber, jasmine, and rose
Strawberry Watermelon - Fresh strawberries, ripe watermelon, and vanilla
Teakwood - Green Citrus, sweet jasmine, rose and lilly, and a woodsy base.
Tobacco & Vanilla - Masculine, subtle cherry tobacco, and vanilla
Tobacco Leather - Our Tobacco Vanilla scent blended with a touch of Leather
Tropical Rainforest - Sweet Citrus, Coconut, and notes of musk and powder
Vanilla & Lime - A subtle citrusy, lime scent blended with vanilla
Waffle Cone - Just like an ice cream shop would smell like: vanilla, cream, sugar, and caramel
Watermelon - Sweet, ripe, red, juicy watermelon

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