Why does my candle look like this?

Candle Wet Spots

This is a question we get from time to time, especially in the winter months. The temperature differences from state to state combined with travel time can cause a cosmetic issue for soy candles known as "wet spots". What this is really referring to is a glass adhesion situation.

Let's first start off by stating this does not affect the performance of the candles in any way. These candles will burn just fine and throw off the scent just as well also.

So, what is really happening here? In simple terms, the soy wax has contracted/cured at a faster rate than the glass. When this happens, the wax gives the appearance of pulling away from the jar by having a slightly gray spot, or darker spot if the candles are colored. Normally, as the candles continue to cure, the wax will work its' way all the way around and there will be no more darker spots. But, there are no guarantees that will happen either.

Can you prevent it? We try our best in our shop to prevent this. We make sure we use jars that are at room temperature, we clean the jars, we pour the wax at a certain temperature every time, and we keep the shop at a set temperature. Even with us doing this, once the candles leave the shop we no longer have control over the environment they are in. And this is where the "wet spots" can happen.

Here is the good thing: Customers will never even notice it. They are concerned with the smell. They are going to read the label, and then take the top off and smell. And as long as there is enough of a cold throw to match the candle labels name they just read, they will make a decision to buy or not.

Overall, we personally would prefer not to see this. But we also know it is a product of using soy wax and temperature differences that are out of our control.

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