Custom Label Requirements and Guidelines

Below are the requirements:

1. We will not print solid color backgrounds
2. We will not print pictures of people
3. We will only print LOGO's that are at least 1000x1000 (for clarity reasons) - must have a white background
4. We will use our standard print type font for the labels
5. We can change the text around and customize the wording
6. We will not design a label from scratch for you.
7. We just swap out logos and wording
8. We will not print borders
9. We only print on white glossy paper. Dimensions are below.
10. We will not print full color designed labels you send to us (too many issues with blurriness of labels being sent). Choose a label house specifically designed for those labels.
11. We do not ship labels. These are for an existing order of candles.
12. And we have the right to refuse to print any label for any reason.
** 13. If you send us a label to print for you, it MUST be at least 300 DPI. If not, it will not print clear. 72 - 96 DPI looks good on a monitor, but will not print good.


** Our Labels - all of the labels are in a white, glossy material. And, we use 3 different size labels for our candles.

- 1.9” H x 2.6” W - this is the most common label and we use this for the sides of all jars and for the wax melts

- 1” H x 2.5” W - this size is used for the 4 oz candles and is placed on the side of the jars/tins

- 2” Circle - this size is used for the lids. Mainly used in 4 oz size candles.

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